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Mercenaries (Contractors)

Blackwater (now known as Xe)
Presidential Airways- Black waters air wing.
Maritime Division of Black Water Inc.

Custer Battles Security

Formed in 1946 with the blessing of President Truman. In part started to give returning veterans work. Initially began as California Eastern Airways and flew supplies during the Korean War.
Presence in Afghanistan and Colombia. Supposedly does anti-narcotics spraying and surveillance in Colombia.
Have had a few of their planes shot down by guerrillas in Colombia throughout the years.

Operate from Guaviare air base in Colombia.

OV-10 Bronco aircraft
T-65 Turbo Thrush aircraft
Black Hawk helicopters

Headquarters in Reston, Virginia near CIA headquarters

3501 Riga Blvd
Tampa, FL 33619

Dilly Branch Rd. Bldg. 412
Fort Tucker, AL 36362

4550 Swinnea Rd
Memphis, TN 38118

Aviation Development Corp (ADC)
Mercenaries or CIA front?
Based in Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama
Cessna Citation aircraft
An ADC operated aircraft spotted a civilian aircraft over Peru in 2001 and gave the go ahead for Peruvian air force aircraft to shoot it down, killing a woman and her six year old daughter.

Based in Rockledge, Florida
Works with ADC in Colombia
Operate surveillance aircraft in Colombia.
Cessna Skymaster aircraft

Huge contract awarded to G4S by the British government to provide security for the 2012 Olympic games in London, England. Only about two weeks before the games it was announced that G4S could not handle the large order for security personnel required. The British had to send thousands of soldiers to fill the gap.


Armor Group North America
Armor Group North America is a subsidiary of Wackenhut

Washington Group International Inc.

Pacific Architects and Engineers (PA&E)
Given a multimillion dollar contract along with DynCorp to train Liberian military personnel.

Concepts and Strategies, Inc. (ConStrat)
Contract with the Inter American Development Bank
Contracts with corporations and the U.S. Department of Defense

Vykin Corporation
Contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense
Do counter-Intelligence work out of Bagram air base in Afghanistan.

URS Corporation

Innovative Solutions Consulting (ISC), Inc.
Espial Services Inc.
Worldwide Information Network Systems (WINS)

CACI International
Corporate Headquarters
1100 North Glebe Road
Arlington, VA 22201
Does mostly contract work for the military and government agencies. Send members overseas. Intelligence analysts,etc. Use biometrics.

Military Professional Resources Incorporated (MPRI)
Based in Alexandria, Virginia.
Military advisers. Hundreds of retired military personnel. Many are former generals and officers. Had a contract to advise the military forces of Croatia. Contracts for MPRI were cleared by the U.S. State Department to train Bosnian soldiers in 1996. The contract was paid for by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Brunei, and Malaysia.

L3 Global Security

Global Strategies Group Inc.
401 million dollar contract with the U.S. government as as consulate guards in Basra, Iraq.

SOC Inc.
974 million dollar contract with the U.S. government to guard the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, Iraq.

Triple Canopy Inc.
1.5 billion dollar contract with the U.S. government to act as mobile security.

HB Gary
Technology and security firm for U.S. government and private corporations.

Based in Texas?

Sandline International (discontinued in 2004)
Tim Spicer (former Lt. Col. In the British Army)
Based in London in the United Kingdom
Ties with Executive Outcomes
Papua New Guinea- Attempted to work for the government of Papua New Guinea to fight against the Bougainville Revolutionary Army and hurry to reopen a copper mine at Panguna. Scandal
Sierra Leone- Continued in the civil war working for the government where Executive Outcomes left off.

Aegis Defence Services
Formed by Tim Spicer
Believed to employ most members of Sandline.
Offices in Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the U.S.

Sea Marshals Ltd.
U.K. based company.
Thomas Jakobsson
Floating armories licensed by the government of Djibouti and fly the flag of landlocked Mongolia.
Used for anti-piracy operations

Maritime Guard Group
Nick Davis
Operates two tug boats as floating armories. Operate as mercenaries for shipping companies in their struggle against piracy.

Advant Garde Maritime Services (AGMS)
Sri Lankan
Provides armed security teams to shipping companies. 
Three floating armories

Maritime Asset Security and Training (MAST)


Based in North Virginia
Creator of the Trapwire program. Staffed by many former CIA and government employees.

The Trapwire system is said to tap into pre-existing security cameras and utilize facial recognition technology. Incorporates Google searches, emails, cell phone calls, etc.


Used by the Energy Transfer Partners corporation to suppress protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline

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